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Call Us Regarding any Refund or Exchange Issue...
Bushman Music Works LLC
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST

Bushman LOVES musicians!
In fact, we don't own the Bushman brand name - instead we believe it's owned by YOU, and all of the musicians who love and play Bushman instruments! We are simply here to support your brand by giving you SPEEDY, EXCELLENT, GENEROUS service EVERYTIME you deal with us. If you feel that any part of your transaction with us was less than perfect, call and we'll prove our commitment to your absolute satisfaction. We don't just want your satisfaction, we want your love!

Rock Star Treatment...
Whether this is your first musical instrument or you're a famous musician, we'll serve you with the same respect and kindness; however, no matter how good the quality or how excellent the service, it's a fact of life that from time to time defects and mistakes can enter into any business transaction. These problems can be solved if you call 317-250-8156 immediately.

If it's a Bushman, You're Covered...
It doesn't matter if you bought your Bushman instrument from another store, we are the ones who will solve any problem or defect with a Bushman. Just call 317-250-8156 to receive the kind of service that we guarantee will make you happy.

What If It's Not a Bushman?
If you bought a non-Bushman product from us and now you're having trouble with it, call us for the manufacturer's contact info. If the manufacturer doesn't make you happy, we will.

In Some Instances a Return Can Cost You...
Due to the credit card processing fees that we incur when your your credit card is charged, returns and cancelations that are void of manufacturing defects are subject to a 6% restocking fee.

You will never have a problem getting a refund from us. As I said above, we're not just after your satisfaction, we're after your love! If you're not happy with a product you bought from us, call 317-250-8156 and we'll work out the best plan for making you happy; if that means giving you a full refund, we'll do it.


If you need to cancel your order...
If you discover that, for whatever reason, you need to cancel an order you placed with us, you can do so with no problem. The best, fastest way to cancel an order is to call us at 317-250-8156. Another way to cancel an order is to reply to your Order Confirmation email and let us know you need to cancel. It usually takes between 24 and 72 hours for us to process an order. If we haven't charged your card yet, then no problem, but in some instances when we've charged your card, cancellations may be subject to an order cancellation fee of 6% due to the cost of credit card processing fees.


We keep your personal information private and protected...
1.) Your credit card number is not stored or kept!!! When you place an order through our online ordering system, even we can't see your card number; we just see the last 4 digits. Once we accept your order, your card is processed by our processor without any human seeing your number.

2.) Your address and telephone number are stored on our online data base that is strictly password protected. We change the password from time to time, and we take every feasible precaution to insure the security of your information.

3.) We would NEVER sell or transfer your information to any other entity - the only exception to this would be the very rare situation in which we have a supplier drop ship directly to you. In that case, your address will be given to the supplier so they can ship to you.